Too good not to share - diversions edition

It is a holiday weekend and I am sooo ready for it! I know my life is crazy when I'm looking forward to catching up with laundry.  And writing of course. I'm revising the last bloody 13 pages. It always feels strange, the end of a story.

While I'm revising the last 13 pages of my novel, I might find myself in need of this: A writer's version of DEFCON on Musings of a Wannabe Writer (one of my favorites - not your typical writer's blog).

After I talk myself off a ledge, I might need a diversion... such as Etymologie Aha!  I knew that Anthropologie would have a blog some day. And the name is fitting and fascinating. Am I going to follow it? Of course! Although I am hoping for a bit more to come... some behind the scenes looks, some musical playlists, books to read, etc.

Speaking of books and dreamy, Bookswept is a dreamy little book blog, although I'm somewhat jolted by the thought of Kate Moss connected to Fahrenheit 151. On a related note, I'm not anti-fashion model per se, but I've started to find high-fashion photography so plastic.  Maybe it's because I'm getting used to seeing real people with real faces and bodies on fashion blogs. But then real people are getting more fashion-y as well. It's a weird world.  Is there no place to escape the fashion?

And speaking of fashion... or bonnet flicks, that is, I just had to share Corsets and Cravats - I can't resist a little period piece love with a wink.

Finally, if you need the ultimate diversion, try this.  On the subject of names, my friend sent me this link to The Baby Name Wizard.  Such a fun toy!  It shows you names by popularity over past decades - not just for baby mamas, good for us writerly types too.  Apparently the popularity of my name peaked in the 1950s.  And just for pop culture grins, check out the name "Bella".

Happy Friday!


  1. I am so easily diverted that it's a shame. lol I like Bookswept; I just may have to add that to my list of website/blog diversions. The Bell Jar is my favorite book.

    Have a great holiday weekend!

  2. Goodness, as if I needed any more diversions? Haha! ;)
    I seem to be perfecting the art of procrastination ... I'm adding your suggestions to my browsing list.