Too good not to share - new shoes edition

New shoes.  On sale at Anthro - a rock-bottom price I would never expect to pay inspired me to venture out with these peachy ladylike flats from All Black that I could picture Audrey wearing. The key to not buying things at Anthropologie is to not walk in the store.

Thanks to Bohemian Valhalla for pointing me to Moon to Moon.  This blog inspires and resonates with its free spirit and dreamy laid back soul!

From Gala Darling - I don't want children - Am I a freak? Why won't everyone leave me ALONE?!  These are hardly my exact sentiments, but it is an interesting perspective on what it feels like to be different from the norm.  And since I haven't had kids (even though I've wanted them) I've dealt with the same quandaries about how to respond to inquiries about my reproductive status.

My current crochetspiration from Wood and Wool Stool.  I have been making a granny square a day, for a new project.

Auto Crit editing wizard - I am in awe of thee.  Paste in your text, and get instant analysis of overused words, cliche phrases, active writing, sentence structure, and much more. If you are writing something very long, like a novel, you might thank me for this.

This fun post on Jewel Box Dreams shows off the gorgeous style of Upstairs, Downstairs.  And while I'm bummed to say I'm still not really loving the show (although I will most definitely be watching come Sunday night), I have noticed that Keeley Hawes has the most fabulous nail polish.  Ha! 

The first episode she was wearing this amazing pale orangey shade, that immediately had me thinking I needed to find that color. I'm thinking it might be close to Tart Deco by Essie.

p.s. I painted my nails Easter egg blue this week.  Happy Easter and Happy Friday!


  1. I think Tart Deco might be close. I wish we could ask the production team which brand they used :)

  2. I was hoping I would like Upstairs Downstairs, but it's just okay. It's definitely no Downton Abbey!!! Love that show!

  3. Hi there,
    just came about your blog via Life Without Baby-I see many similarities - maybe motherhood, aspiring writer etc. Have added you to my favourites list!
    Lori, 36, Ontario Canada

  4. Hi Lori - so nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello.

  5. I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend.

    Anthropologie is dangerous, so dangerous. I've spent many a minute wandering through their virtual aisles ... those shoes are gorgeous!! :D

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  7. Hey, Glad you like my blog. Yours is pretty gorgeous too.xxxx