Seeking Happily Ever After: Movie for a Bohemian Season

Seeking Happily Ever After Trailer from michelle cove on Vimeo.

I saw an interesting movie recently called Seeking Happily Ever After about single women in their 30s and their struggles to find Mr. Right. I'm past this part of my life and happy to be happily married, but I remember these years of uncertainty very well.

The movie interviews many women, but follows one woman through a year of trying a lot of different things to find Mr. Right from speed-dating to supper clubs to matchmaking.

If you're a woman this is a fascinating documentary because it touches on so many things - What do you expect marriage to be?  What do you expect your life to be? Where did you get those expectations from? How do you deal with the disconnect between expectations and reality?

Beyond being merely interesting, I think this movie is inspiring.  There was a key line in this movie that you'll see in the trailer as well that stuck with me.

What do you do when your life doesn't follow the script that society's written for you?

I resonated with this line, because of my own experience of maybe motherhood.  I feel as if my life doesn't follow the script society's written for me. Logically I would say "I don't care about meeting societal expectations and norms", but like many other women, my emotions tell another story. 

This movie is inspiring to find happiness where you can, free yourself from pre-conceived ideas, and not worry so much about what other people think.

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  1. Hey Valerie! So glad you enjoyed my post on BrocanteHome.net!

    I was married pretty young (at 20) so I can't really relate too much to "looking for Mr. Right" bit, but uncertainty I can!