Too good not to share

When I saw this beachy, happy crocheted pillow on The Royal Sisters, it called out to me.  "Make me!  Make me!" But how?  I didn't have a pattern.  And it's still amateursville around here.  I need patterns! Well, big fat duh, because she sells her patterns on Etsy.  Sweet!  So... I have the yarn.  I have the pattern.  I made the first square.  Now I just have to make eight more.  I'll share some pics when I get my camera working again.

Are you a blogger?  Want a little help planning your blog posts?  I LOVE the blog planners on the Productivity Flourishing web site.  Charlie Gilkey posts new ones every month.  If you want to brainstorm topics and organize them, these are great.

 *adorable red shoes via Delightful Dozen

New Delightful Dozen blog - Remember my musings on bloggers who are lifestyle artists?  Well if you want to see more chicks who like to make artful with their clothes and poses in moody photo shoots, check out this delightful dozen - a new blog started by a conglomeration of 12 fashion bloggers.

Remaining steadfast - an interesting post on Sustainably Creative. This spoke to me:
It doesn’t really matter what creative path you decide to follow, rather it is the action of following one that is important. By remaining steadfast to an idea or a creative discipline you’ll go on a journey that will open up possibilities and opportunities far beyond what you can see when you take your first few steps.

Happy Friday!


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  2. thanks for the info! love the delightful dozen! :)

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  3. My favourite colours red and blue. Love the pillow:)