This week I feel... like summer's last tomato

Actual color = Bullish on OPI by OPI

I'm turning into a real connoisseur of color, minute differences, families of color, the way one color plays against another.  And I have a whole nail polish drawer to prove it.  Ay yi yi yi. Not so sure this is a good thing.

In this case, the story is the subtlety of red.  Not a bright classic lipstick red, but a slightly washed out, toned down faded tomato red, like the color Sienna wears in this adorable forties jacket in The Edge of Love.  I'm not sure I got the nail polish color quite right, I would like it to be a tad more light and washed out... but it was fun trying.

Here's another nice post on The Edge of Love on Yellow Green Watering.  And don't miss the rest of my nail polish color collection inspired by The Edge of Love.

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