What I did while on holiday

  • Went to LA to visit family - it was bloody hot but we had a good time
  • Then went to San Francisco where it was blessedly cool, although a bit too cool at times
  • Took lots of hilly walks

  • Walked through Chinatown, stopped in a tea shop and drank some unique matcha
  • Wore my Converse almost every day, now wish I had these on past vacations- I am a convert
  • Slept terribly late, but alas, stayed up terribly late, leaving me still a bit sleep deprived
  • Got sick (why do I always get sick when I finally go on vacation?)
  • Rode on a double-decker tour bus and got a strange shaped patch of sunburn

  • Read The Host on my Kindle - book review to come
  • Ate way too much sugar
  • Took a bajillion silly photos
  • Didn't write nearly as much as I hoped I would...
  • Came home
  • Took several trips to Goodwill getting rid of stuff. I'm still decluttering. When will it ever be over?
  • Watched Pride and Prejudice (again) and almost cried - man, what is wrong with me? If I had to go to a deserted island and could only bring one movie, this would be a contender.

  • Finally worked on my headboard that's been half-stripped lying in the garage floor making a home for spiders.  This is a hilarious story in itself.

Now I've been getting back to work...  Lots of things going on!

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