My crocheted Jamaica bag

Here's my most recent crochet project.. I call this my Jamaica bag because of the colors. I was going to make it all one color, but my friend encouraged me to spice it up, so I ended up with... my Jamaica bag.

This was a really fun short term project - pretty simple - just the kind of crochet project I'm liking these days - simple with lots of repetition.

The pattern is from Classic Elite Yarns - the Provence Summer String bag.  Mine didn't turn out "exactly" like the pattern, but then again, I used three different brands of yarn, used a much larger hook, made a few mistakes and lost count somewhere along the way.  But I'm still pretty happy with it! 

Now I just need a trip to Jamaica to go with it.  Oh wait, maybe not Jamaica with all of that meltdown happening.  St. John.  That's where a good friend of mine says is "THE" place to go to.