Color 101 or how I learned about the color wheel

So in May I had the fun of attending a series of classes on Color 101 at The Stitch Lab taught by Kat McTee.  Each class was a little gem of instruction and experimentation and exercises.

My interest in color has been unfolding this year.  Strangely enough it started with nail polish.  I began by experimenting with a few avant garde (for me) nail polish colors.  But then I began thinking about making my OWN nail polish color collections, inspired by movies or seasons or concepts or fashion trends.  I have had so much fun doing this that I now see color combinations everywhere I go.

Then I also took a crochet class.  And along with that, comes a great many opportunities for choosing and mixing and matching colors in crochet projects.  I would see other people's color selections like this or that and know that I loved them, but wasn't sure why and didn't know how to duplicate it myself.

So when I saw this Color 101 class, I thought Eureka!  Not only do I get the fun of going to a class, but I can apply what I learn to all my other little hobbies.

I won't reveal everything I learned in class, but these were some of my favorite highlights:
  • I already knew about the color wheel, but understanding other dimensions of color, such as the difference between hues, tints, shades, and tones made me see it differently
  • Playing with different relationships of color such as triads, tetrads, split complements, analogous colors
  • Yellow + black = olive green (sorry, but this one still blows my mind)
  • Color marketing rules the world whether we like it or not
  • Brown isn't actually a color and brown can come in many different flavors with many undertones of color
  • Your perception of a color changes drastically depending on what other colors surround it
I feel like I know more about color now, and I'm seeing it all differently, and it's fun!  But I still like SO many colors and so many color families.  I'm farther than ever from just having one set of colors that are "me".

Have you been having any color adventures lately?

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