Sleeping in Paris

So, if I'm going to go to Paris, I need a place to sleep, right?

At first I was thinking that I'd plan all the activities I wanted to do and then see where most of them were centered and find a location based on that.  Then I realized that was impossible and ridiculous.  SO now I  just want to find a place I want to stay, as long as it's not bizarrely located.

The first question for me is hotel or apartment? 

I'm leaning towards an apartment rental type of situation.  My husband and I have stayed in places like this before, like in New York and find we like the feeling of being independent and cozy in a more home-like environment.  It's also nice to have a little kitchenette for breakfast or late night snacks.

But I couldn't resist browsing Hip Hotels in Paris.  Most of these are in fantasy realm for me, but very fun. The Hotel du Petit Moulin (below) was one of my favorites because it's so bold and bohemian.

But in searching for vacation rental apartments, I've found no shortage of chicness either. These aren't just shoddy little joints, they have style...

Airbnb seems to have a great selection of apartments for rent like the super modern one pictured above. Or this totally quirky book-lover's house below. I've already bookmarked several of my favorites!

And this bright, cute flat is irresistible!

Then there is Paris Perfect Apartment Rentals which I love too. Here's a photo of the "Chablis" apartment.

And here is the "Grenache" apartment - light, white and fresh:

They have a lovely web site and all their apartments all meet up to a certain level of quality and style.  Their style tends to be more elegant and traditional, while still current.  And many of their apartments have amazing views and charming little balconies.

So, where shall I stay? Where shall I stay?  For now I think I've narrowed it down to a list of favorites and once I get my plane tickets then the final decision will begin.

What are your ultra-fave places to stay in Paris?


  1. You had found so cute places... I can stay just for a week if i go somewhere so hotels are my only options and i never think where i should stay. But if i have a chance i would like to stay in Paris Book Apartment.

  2. When I went to Paris I stayed in a little hostel. It was fine for being a college kid backpacking through europe. But if I go back I would like to rent a little apartment. These are such lovely places!! You are going to have so much fun on your trip!

  3. The first one would be my choice! And with hotels mmm difficult as I usually stay with friends.

  4. Apartment everytime!!Best way to go.

    I've stayed in Paris Perfect Cabernet before and loved it, great area and incredible views! The style is quite trad (little bit too trad for my tastes) but it still is gorgeous, and they are soooo well set up with everything you could ever want and their back up is faultless. Another good one is Haven in Paris. Same level of support as PP, interiors a little bit edgier.

    Planning trips to Paris has to be one of THE funnest things in the world to do!!! cool stuff!


  5. Found your blog over at Lisa & Laura's!!!

    How wonderful a trip to Paris! I've never been nor would I have thought to look at a rental apartment while vacationing there but what a marvelous idea, it does look like you'd have quite the options though!

  6. Do you have an email link here somewhere? I just wanted to tell you that one of your photos today, inspired a post on my blog, and I thought you might like to see it . . . by all means, feel free to delete this comment, as it is more fit to an email . . . I won't mind. http://thewickerpatio.blogspot.com/2010/05/swoon.html

    ~ Debbi

  7. Absolutely love the book-reading room! A great getaway!!!

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