Found: Boho Mag

Have you heard of Boho magazine?  I'd seen it passing in the bookstore, but it didn't grab my attention until this month when, of course, they had a Paris themed issue and I couldn't resist.

You may not have seen it, since they don't put it with the rest of women's fashion magazines, in fact I'd be hard-pressed to explain the category they do put it in.

It's focused around eco-friendly and organic, with a motto of "Recycled. Reused. Restyled."  While I like to do this kind of stuff when I can, I'm not fanatical about it - especially since so many eco-friendly products seem to be for people with deeper pockets than me.

But I have to say, I love the aesthetic of Boho magazine.  The whole look of it is unique - different paper, font, photos, and not your typical fashion mag.  I also love that they use vintage and secondhand clothes in fashion layouts - hey it's one of kind, thrifty, and still absolutely chic.  Not something you often see in magazines.

Are you a boho girl?  Find out...  (I think I am)

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