What bohemian means to me

I'm writing this because I've had some interesting reactions to my blog name from various sources, including family and friends. I'm not bothered or disturbed, but it seemed a good opportunity to explain my own personal notion of a bohemian season, in particular the word "bohemian".

The word "bohemian" is one with a long history that might conjure up beatniks and hippies and Greenwich Village and free love. While I've always loved the fun and wildly experimental fashion and style and music of the 1960s, for me, it's not about being a hippie. It's not about letting my underarm hair grow. Or wearing clothing made of hemp.  Or free love. Or anything at all hallucinatory in nature. That ain't me at all y'all.

It's about inner freedom, self-expression, letting go of what I imagine other people expect and irrelevant social norms.  Morally speaking, I am entirely traditional and pretty straitlaced.  But when it comes to things like wearing white shoes after labor day, I say who cares.  And you may find me painting my nails blue to just make it clear that I'm not afraid to surprise you or myself either.

It's about tapping into my creative side, taking creative dares, stepping out into failure and losing my balance a bit as I go.

It's about seeing life as a journey, and finding adventure along the way, instead of seeing it as a cozy final destination I'm trying to reach. 

It is most especially for me, about this present moment of my life experience, when things aren't following the blueprint I had laid out for my future.  It is about making a conscious choice to stop crying over spilt milk, open my arms wide and embrace the unknown, and go joyfully into the next morrow with no certainty where it's all headed.

That's my "bohemian season". And for more of my philosophizing, check out my manifesto: How to Have a Bohemian Season

p.s. By happy coincidence, I do have a taste for bohemian, ethnic, eccentric, quirky, playful style in clothing and home decor too!

p.s.s. Does it make me akin to the Unabomber if I have a manifesto?


  1. Just, I Wanna Say That; I Like Bohemian Season. I Like Fashion, Style And Music. And This Style; Looking Cute For Me, Somehow. I Don't Know... I Can't Phrase My Self, With Words. Just, I Read.

  2. You are you and that is perfect!

    Love the Unabomber line!! Too funny!

  3. Even though you didn't have to explain, you did so very well! This is a perfect follow-up to your Manifesto.