Hello Sailor! This week I feel... surreal

The color I picked this week is a slightly frosted navy called "Surreal" by SpaRitual.  It's taking a little while for this color to grow on me.  It's pretty intense and the blue undertone makes it seem closer to black.

Inspired by Zooey D.'s take on the Sailor look...

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p.s. Along with the Sailor theme, I've been having fun trying a 1940's inspired red lip and cheek color with Poppy Convertible color by Stila.  I love that it's a lipstick and blush in one in a cute little compact. This turns out to be a really nice red for me and I have very pale skin.  I also like that it's easy to make this sheer or heavy, depending on how you want to layer it on.


  1. isn't zooey D just the most adorable thing...if i could look like anyone and have anyones wardrobe it would be her xx

  2. Zooey D. looks so cute! By the way, I watched "The Brothers Bloom" on your recommendation, and I really enjoyed it--very quirky!