Hello March

I wanted a vase of daffodils to represent the changing of the guard into March, but there were no daffodils and these gorgeously fat David Austin roses the color of the palest peach champagne insisted I take them home with me.  These are the exact roses I wish had been in my bridal bouquet.

Did you know that March was named for Mars, the god of war, because this was often the time in year in ye olde Roman days that they began military campaigns.  But I find it fitting since I start to feel an extra surge of energy at this time of year, ready to march forth and leave the hibernation of winter behind.

10 things I'm looking forward to in March:

(Isn't it wonderful having something to look forward to? Most of us probably do, but don't catalog it.  This is my catalog and it makes me smile and anticipate.)

1. Starting back to work on my writing again after some "shelf time".  I'm working on a work of fiction, hopefully somewhere on the slightly deeper side of chick lit, but we shall see!

2. Getting a new roof! And maid service! Both desperately needed...

3. More planning for a (hopefully) upcoming Paris holiday

4. Embroidery class at The Stitch Lab

5. Reading these: Soulless by Gail Carriger and At Mrs. Lippincote's by Elizabeth Taylor from BrocanteHome's Vintage Domestic Fiction reading list. (or at least starting them to see if I want to read them.  This is often what I do, get a book, read the first chapter and decide it's not for me.)

6. Dabbling with a few more DIY painting experiments

7. Trying the ultimate chocolate chip cookie recipe - I've recently been obsessed with the salted toffee chocolate chip cookie at The Steeping Room.  Best cookie ever?!?  I want to see if I can recreate the goodness at home.

8. Thrift store shopping - Time for a few new items to spark fresh spring life into my wardrobe and my house.

9. Trying something new: I plan to try Ethiopian food and check out the new Punch gym for kettlebell classes.

10. Refreshing my blog design for spring with new colors and images!

What are you looking forward to this month?


  1. It sounds like you have some really fun things on your to-do list! That is great!

  2. Nice! I love that "trying new things" is a constant theme for you - we could all use that.

    And I look forward to having you in my embroidery class! See you soon! :)

  3. I like the Springy blog design as well as your March to-do list! Ethiopian food--yum!