This week I feel... Posh

Okay, so the actual name of the color is Posh Trash.  A cheap bottle of polish by Rimmel that I picked up.

I had been fantasizing just a bit about Trapeze by Chanel.

*image via temptalia

I first saw it in Lucky magazine.  And it seemed to be this mysterious impossible to pin down or replicate color. I mean it's Chanel. Look at that cute bottle.  And Audrey Tautou is in that incredible new commercial...

And the name, "trapeze", whispered to me.  It said, "Please, please buy me for $23.  I know that you've never spent $23 on nail polish before, but aren't I worth it?"

I pondered.... and then began looking for substitutes.  Which is when I ran upon this $3 bottle by Rimmel.

I'm sorry Trapeze, but my practical side won out.  I still feel Posh anyway.


  1. Love that color! I had something similar that I used on my toenails most of last summer.

    Btw, I've been enjoying your blog and have given you an award. You may claim it here:

  2. you are $20 richer! i love the color and that commercial, her camera! thanks for visiting us and your nice words!