New things: Granny squares and embroidery hoops

So on my quest to try new things, I've signed up for two classes in the next couple of months.  I'm so excited!  I've been spending loads of time with my handsome silver laptop lately.  And I've been dreaming up things in my mind. But it's time to get out of my head and get a little tactile!

I'm so NOT intuitively good at things requiring coordination. But I'm willing to give it a shot and know that it takes me a little longer to learn.  And these kinds of classes are perfect because patient helpers will be there to guide and cheer on.

I feel so lucky to have this amazing business, Stitch Lab, in my hometown, Austin, Texas that offers an ongoing parade of intriguing classes.  If you're a local and you like crafty creative-ness you must check them out.

First up, learning to crochet granny squares, February 7.

Then, beginning embroidery, March 27.

*images via srqpix, Claudia Marchan and overanalyzer


  1. Those are two great things to learn. I learned how to do them when I was a child and they have always stayed with me so I can pick it back up when ever I decide to. And the beautiful things you can make!!!!! What are you going to crochet?
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  2. I'm not sure yet! Just learning. We'll see. I might end up with a bunch of crocheted squares hanging round my house looking for trouble.

  3. Loving that yarn for the square. GSs are great, I still hate putting them together though.