How to have a bohemian season

How to have a bohemian season:

Open nearest window. Throw all expectations out.  While you're at it toss fear, despair, and bitterness, too.

Turn the television off.

Decide you’ll never go down without a fight.

Memorize these phrases for use when needed: So what. Who cares? I’ll try anything once.  What’s the worst that could happen?

Pull all your old dreams out of that box under the bed where you put them and see how they’ve been holding up. Dust off the ones that still make your heart tremble.

Don’t rule anything out.  Until you’ve ruled it out.

Try something new.


Get up from your cozy spot on the couch and start journeying.  Pack light.  Bring a compass, but not a map.

Believe that you can be creative.  Then do it.

Seek out kindred spirits.  And love the ones you’re with.

Carry your camera everywhere and try to capture your imagination through its lens.

Give yourself a nickname.  Become your alter ego.

Don’t be afraid.

Don’t be afraid to be honest about who you really are, what you really like, and what you really want.

Age limits? There are none.

Time limits? Ditto.

Read whatever makes you purr. Let all your books be water-stained from hot bubble baths. And stay up all night reading a ridiculous book if you want to.

Start compiling a random list of things that you want to try, things like the trapeze, picnics, and highlights in your hair.  Look for ideas everywhere.

Make a soundtrack for your bohemian season.

Have a little fun with fashion.

Wear your biggest cocktail ring to the supermarket.

Mix and don’t match - yes, stripes and paisley do go together.  Redheads can wear pink.

Make your home an oasis of beauty and things you love.

Grab the lucky wishbone.

Crack your own jokes and laugh at them.

Sing out loud, dance or play air guitar when you find it necessary.

Let your hair go wavy or curly, if it’s so inspired.

Become creatively omnivorous. Feed your soul. Art for breakfast. Music for lunch. Literature for dinner. Nature for dessert.

Feast on dark chocolate without shame.

Start accidentally finding inspiration everywhere.  Let your heart explode.


  1. Fantastic list! It's the kind of thing I need to read repeatedly. Thank you!

  2. YES!

    Now take your own advice and grab a camera. ;)

  3. I greet you and your well wrought manifesto with enthusiasm and appreciation. I think I'll print it out for my husband so he'll understand me.

    Thank you! I came by way of Alison's blog. It seems imperative to follow someone who has your own thoughts in their head. You don't mind terribly if I do?

  4. Debbi, I'd love to get to know a fellow boheme! I agree, it's imperative to connect with someone who understands ;-)

  5. i love this post! i am hanging on every word!
    i am never leaving my camera out of my handbag from this moment on.
    and i think i might borrow my puppy's name as my alter ego and imagine life through her eyes, seems like fun!
    you are so inspirational girl!

    thanks for the reccommendations by the way.
    checked out susannah's site. im loving it.

    hope you have a fantastic friday....
    and thank you for the amazing inspiration!!!!
    you rock.

  6. Fabulous post.This will be my bohemian summer...

  7. Just found ya (via perfect protest)... glad I did!!!

  8. love love love! this is very close to desiderata for me.. bravo!! thank you for spelling it out so succinctly :)