Try New Things: Embroidery

I stumbled across this book while wandering Barnes and Noble last night and it was so cute in a tongue-in-cheek vintagesque retro-kitsch sort of way, that it made me actually want to embroider something.  So I'm considering adding embroidery to my list of new things to try. Technically, it wouldn't be new, since I did a bit of embroidery as a child.  But if you haven't done it in at least 20 years, I think it can count as new!

This has certain appeal to me as a tranquilizing craft, like knitting (which I also haven't tried), a craft where you get in touch with your senses, your hands, and escape the whirl of thoughts in your mind. It also brings to mind an image (ala Jane Austen) of a small group of women, sitting around a fire at night chatting while putting needle to thread.  Sounds fun!

So I think I'll add it to the list...

Btw, I was excited to see that Jenny Hart is a fellow Austinite, her web site shows off some of her amazing art work!

Also, Stitch Lab is this incredible place that offers all kinds of crafty classes in Austin, and they have an embroidery class.  Maybe I'll have to check it out.  It might be easier than crash-coursing myself.

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