The classic Christmas retrospective

Fave moments this Christmas:

Wearing my green Christmas fairy tiara - a fun gift from my parents, who know that I'm still really only eight years old on the inside.

Singing Christmas carols with the family - Dad got out the guitar and we warbled through it.

Watching my nephew, who is almost two, dance in the living room (I danced with him of course).

Trying something new - in this case, pickled okra (can't say I'm a convert).

Watching the twinkle in my father-in-law's eyes when he opened a package of peppermint bark.

Fun, surprising gifts from my husband (like this super cool belt from Anthropologie) that I'd never buy myself, but I love even more because of that.  I wore it the very next day!

Baked goods produced:
Choc chip banana bread and Blondies from Babycakes. Those were good!

Caramel cream cheese cake - sadly a dry disappointment.  I find cakes to be a little more challenging than other genres of dessert - uber light, moist cakes elude me.
Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies - divine.  I guess I just have a thing for chocolate chips.

And now the peaceful, lazy, sometimes boring aftermath, including the trip to the mall to see if there are any good sales (rarely) and the long afternoons at Starbucks to catch up on my laptop...

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