Lately I've been craving... Glamour

Lately I've been craving a little more glamour in my life.

Which wouldn't be hard, since I don't have much. Funny thing, becoming a mom, I've seemed to settle so easily into practicality. I eschew clothes that require dry cleaning and ironing - anything that would billow in the wind or snag on small fingernails or stain. I favor easy tees, wash and wear, practical footwear, mix and match.

But I miss it. Being impractical. And pretty. Feminine. And over the top.

 I'm craving lavender ruffles, silk pleats, ivory lace, tailored dresses, and shoes that ooze ooh la la.

I'm craving Paris at midnight. Coffee with kahlua and cream. Chocolate mousse.

Jungle red fingernails. Washed silk blouses with high-waisted palazzo pants.

White roses. Orchids. Peonies. Gardenias. Anything lush with a heady fragrance.

Afternoon teas. Patisseries. Macarons. Eclairs. Frosting piped in frills and flaky layers.

Sheepskin rugs. Linen napkins. Shimmering candles. Mirrored trays set with crystal perfume bottles and italian orange blossom hand cream and unopened coffee table books.

Fancy handbags, the sort that elevate an outfit to divine. French poodles. Long walks, window shopping and people watching.

Sequins. Feathers. Velvet. Sparkly lights.

Maybe it's the holiday season, but I find myself daydreaming about dressing up, way up, and going to a fancy schmancy party. 

Here's to daydreams...

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