Adrift in daydreams of frosting

Today I am struck by the urge to bake.

It started with something simple enough. Sugar cookies. Decorating Christmas cookies with my 2 year old is on my must-do holiday list this year.

But then I started thinking about chocolate chip cookies, and sandwiching them together with pink buttercream frosting. I started thinking about icing bags and decorator tips and sprinkles and food coloring.

I started thinking about making hot chocolate mix and homemade vanilla marshmallows (something I've never done).

I started thinking I should whip up a batch of pumpkin chocolate chip muffins for the freezer.

And maybe I should make some cupcakes too - vanilla bean, swathed in swirls of lavender frosting.

Help! Help me! I'm lost in daydreams of Martha Stewart and the Back in the Day Bakery.

Sometimes I think I missed my calling as a pastry chef.

All of this will not happen today. There is laundry to do. And exercise besides, lest my bottom catch up with my baking.

Happy baking holidays to you!

p.s. We did end up baking sugar cut out cookies. Yay! The rest will have to wait.

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