Retro 'Angelo

I'm pretty much a city girl - used to living in a city (Austin) that's prospering and growing.  I love the constant beautification of new and remodeled buildings, businesses, shops, restaurants, and parks.  But there's something charming too about seeing other places where time seems to stop. Here are some shots from San Angelo, TX,  (but locals just call it 'Angelo) where I couldn't help but appreciate all the unique retro signs. So I took some pics to share...


And if you ever happen to be in 'Angelo, stop in at this fun shop.  J Wilde has really fun trendy clothes and super colorful 60s and 70s chic home decor.  I was in awe of some of the cute lamps and light fixtures and seriously tempted to buy, but I didn't have enough time!

I'd love to have one of these cheery umbrellas on my back porch!

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  1. I'm Not A Retro Fan But I Like Retro Clothes, I Think. I Don't Wear In Retro Style But I Should Say; Looking Cool.