It List: Black Lampshades

Decorating is a process for me because I'm not the type to buy everything new.  I'm constantly hunting through thrift stores and estate sales looking for the next find that has that special something.

Sometimes I forget what I'm looking for, or I need a little help, so I created what I call my "It List".  I took a pretty card and wrote on the inside in tiny print all these things I love or I'm looking for, to help me remember.  The list needs a little update - it's well worn by now, but  I want to share my It List with you, a little at a time!

First up: Black Lampshades

*via decor pad

Black lampshades are still neutral and classic, but they give a little extra definition and edge to a lamp and a room. 

And this is my first and so far only black lampshade I've managed in my own house:

It's lending a little kick to a white porcelain ginger jar lamp I found second hand. Unfortunately when I take photos of my house, they make me feel rather glum, as things always seem different on camera than they do to my eyes... but I'm giving this the "what the heck" treatment.  Plus, I'm determined to keep trying and learning how to do it better.

That's my first installment of MY "It List" and I'll be sharing more soon!


  1. I have black lampshades in almost every room at Garvinweasel, always with gold or mottled tortoise-shell inside. They give off a beautiful light and I always keeps some extras in the attic for flea market, estate sale or eBay lamp finds. If you have black shades with white paper on the inside, you can easily sponge on a tortoise-shell finish with silver, gold and black paint to fix them right up.

    Love your blog!

  2. Thanks for the tips! Gorgeous lining would most definitely give a lampshade that special something...

  3. This is such a good idea!! I need to make an It List!!! I really like the black shade in your place and it really does define.

  4. i have an "it list" too! i keep it with my paint chips and fabric samples. you've inspired me to post about mine!

  5. Thanks y'all - I'd love to see what's on your It List. Mine's still growing.