Too good not to share: Yummy lately

These are a few of the little things I'm enjoying lately... (mainly food and drink, haha)

Coffee (black) - Oh how I've missed you. I stopped drinking coffee when I was pregnant because I didn't like the taste. But it's back! I crave it in the morning when Will wakes me up too too early. I like to try high quality coffee from local coffee shops. Houndstooth is one of my favorite coffee snobbery joints, although I rarely make it there since it's always crowded full of hipsters and not exactly friendly for ladies carrying cute little babies in car seats.

Coconut blueberry oatmeal - I made this recently and it is heaven in a bowl. But you have to include the sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg, that's what puts it over the top. The Skinny Confidential, btw, is an inspiring web site although I hardly imagine myself living up to its oh so healthy, chic, California girl vibe, but it is inspiring me to try spa water and stock my fridge with hummus and crudites. Just what I need right now when the words "muffin top" aren't referring to delicious baked goods, but rather my snuggly mama belly which has outgrown my non-maternity clothes. Dang.

Speaking of spa water... Spa water recipes. This seems like a lovely way to make the every day a little special. I want to try them all!

And I have been trying various incarnations of lemonade and limeade lately. My small tribute to summer, I suppose. It started with a leftover bag of limes and some culinary lavender. So I made a pitcher of lavender limeade. It was so good it got me going... next up was strawberry basil limeade. And this week a jasmine green tea lemonade. Once you get the basic idea, the variations with citrus and berries and herbs are endless. I just need to stop making lemonade and make spa water instead!

Printsagr.am and Canvaspop. Now that I've been instagraming up a storm, it's time to capture some of those cute photos in the non-online world.

Happy Friday!


  1. Looks like you're starting to feel "normal"again. Glad you're finding small joys!

  2. the spa water sounds like a real treat. welcome back to the caffeinated world!!