Monday nights these days

I find myself looking forward to Monday nights. Yes, I'm watching The Bachelorette again. Can't help myself. Which is funny given how much I loathe the general premise of the show, the saccharin "I just want to fall in love" dreamy-eyed commentary, icky kiss-swapping and inevitable hot tub scenes. But I end up fascinated by the cast of characters (the kookier the better) and boom! I'm hooked.

This time I can't help being fascinated with Emily. If she wants to find true forever love, I question her judgment, because of the track record of these shows. The Vegas bookies wouldn't give very good odds on reaching the altar as a result of one of these shows. But she's just so gosh-darned sweet I can't help rooting for her. She has the guts to just be who she is - an old-fashioned southern girl (with a taste for the high life, apparently based on this article about her blown out $350K clothing budget) who wants a mini-van full of babies and a guy who wants the same thing. I'm really hoping she finds him.

The coolest thing about the show so far? That it's in Charlotte and Emily is checking these guys out on her home turf. I love that she made one of the guys unload her groceries, bake cookies and visit her daughter's soccer team!

The weirdest thing about the show so far? The way they keep having these dates with all these spectators - it's like they're out on a date, but a crowd of people is watching (and sometimes cheering).

The guy I can't wait for her to get rid of? Ryan. He's got this cocky air I don't like. Oh, and Kalon, he's way too luxury-brand. Oh yeah, and the guy with the ostrich egg. Seriously.

My predictions on the final three? Arie, Chris, and Doug. Jef, Charlie and Sean are up there too.

And the final winner? My first guess is that it will be Arie based on how her eyes lit up the moment he came out of the limo. But who knows?

Anyone else watching it too?

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