The Mama Letters: One month

Dear Will,
you are one month old this week. I want to capture the little moments I cherish so I don't forget.

I love it when I change your diaper and you are in a tranquil mood, looking peacefully around at the world around you. I even love changing your diaper when you're in a bad mood. Changing diapers isn't so bad, now that I'm used to it.

I love your soft fuzzy head. I love the way your face and skin is so smooth, like alabaster when you're sleeping.

I love it when you make faces in your sleep - the ones that are so hard to capture on camera. Especially when you laugh. Of course I love it when you smile, now, with open eyes, when I can finally suspect you are smiling at me or because you are happy.

I love the grunts and squeals you make. And I love that I know your cry, even when it makes me feel batty or I don't know how to soothe you.

I love the way you stretch your arms out overhead after you're done nursing or when you wake up and how you rest your little hand on my chest.

I love watching your Daddy watch you and hold you, the way he's so protective of you, so adoring.

Dear Will, I love you.

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  1. Be sure to continue taking tons and tons of Photos of your precious wee one. I have never met a Parent that says they took too many Photos of their Children, only Parents that lament that perhaps they didn't take enough.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian