*via Fudge magazine

Lull. I saw this word and it jumped out at me, because of the way it so connects to my life at this moment.

I am in a lull. I am quiet. I am living each day, day by day.

I have no splashy announcements. No opinionated pronouncements. No admirable projects. Not even the whimsical little here and theres of books read or movies seen or delicacies eaten.

I am quiet.

I know this is okay. Not to write anything in this bloggy-blog of mine except the random pregnancy post, yet I somehow feel the need to account for it. I would feel no need to account if it weren't for this blog, for this online world I half live in. And it's that element of the online world - the nagging sense that I should perpetually be in (interesting) motion -  that sometimes makes me wonder if I should continue on blogging.

But for now I will just apologize for the lull and say you may see a little bit less of me for awhile as I go through this physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transition of the next few months.


  1. Enjoy your lull with guiltless abandon. This here internet will be here when you need it again. - Kelly

  2. Sometimes blogging can be fun and sometimes you just need a break from it. I Lulled (is that even a word?) a lot when I was pregnant and then after I had the baby. Enjoy your quietness and preparation. :)

  3. Lull is a nice word, and I know that feeling well. I think the blogging world naturally brings with it ups and downs, and I say just go with it! :)

  4. No apologies needed. It is those quiet moments that we recharge and recenter in order to let our next inspiration find us.

  5. the 'lull' is a very fertile place....give it the space and time, indulge in the quiet, there is richness there.

  6. Reading how at peace you are with this lull makes me appreciate my own lulls a bit more. There is joy and calm in the mundane of everyday life. As long as we're happy with the little, quiet moments which make up life's bigger moments, we're happy. Thanks for sharing, and enjoy this special time :)