Born of frustration: The Bobble Beauty hat

Last Tuesday I crocheted a hat.  I was not planning to crochet a hat.  But I had a frustrating moment at which I was about to blow a gasket.  Instead, I turned to crochet to lower my blood pressure.

I recently joined Ravelry (I'm vmichelle if you want to be friends) and started exploring all the patterns available there.  I love that you can save a pattern and add it to your queue.  So I went to my Ravelry queue, found a hat I was interested in making, picked from some yard laying around and set out to make it.

Within 24 hours, this Bobble Beauty hatwas mine.  I think my husband is finally impressed. Btw, I quite like making the bobble stitch.

It was so much fun and I ran around the house saying "I did it!  I did it!" imitating my two-year old nephew who says that when he jumps off a chair or throws a rock.

While it's likely not perfect, it's pretty darned good - and now I want to make more.It's nice to be addicted to something that does not involve chocolate, shopping, or cliffhanger story lines.

Now, on the subject of hats... I'm not a big hat person.  Not yet at least. But I loved Kirsten Dunst's red hat in Elizabethtown and since I've learned to crochet, I've wanted to make something similar.

But although I love the way that red looks on her blond hair, red just ain't my color.  So I've been pondering the colors of hats.  Are there appropriate hat colors for hair colors? For instance, I think a green or blue or grey or white or lavender looks quiet nice on a redhead. While a peach or pink or red or navy or black looks quite nice on a blonde. And a white or grey or red or purple or pink looks nice on a brunette. In the end, I stand by every person's right to pick the color that sings in their soul.

And if you don't want to crochet, who cares? Buy a hat of your own on Etsy.  These are a few of my faves, inspiring me to try my hand at this again.

This brimmed beanie from Chrisssmith22 makes me picture 1960s mod London.

This magenta beret from Nonasnote's makes me picture 1930s Paris

And I love the color and casual feel of this slouchy tam from lainedesigns


  1. I love these hats and especially the one you made, you've got skills!!! Also, LOVE your blogger header!!

  2. Nice job!!!! I love those beanie hats! You picked a great color too! Rock on with your crocheting bad self!

  3. The hat is very becoming on you. Congrats!


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