The Brothers Bloom - Movie for a Bohemian Season

Perhaps the key to loving a movie, instead of merely liking it, is the prerequisite of low expectations.  As was the case with Ballet Shoes, I also had little expectation of The Brothers Bloom.  (Mental note - stop reading critical reviews of films prior to seeing them.)

What makes The Brothers Bloom bohemian:

Rachel Weisz as a poor little rich girl. 

A woman who made a pinprick camera, plays every instrument, and happens to be a ninja.
And yet she still doesn't know how to love or drive a car.

A vintage cruise ship that I would die to go on myself... THIS is what cruising should be.

A strange love story...

Mark Ruffalo and Adrian Brody as orphan brothers conducting elaborate cons with the help of a mute Japanese girl bombmaker with a rocking wardrobe.

Quirky, quirky, quirky. (If quirky is not your thing, you won't like this film).

Crazy plot.  (If you don't like your plots with an extra helping of crazy, you won't like this film).

A celebration of storytelling -  after all, what is a storyteller if not a con artist?