Puzzle pieces and serendipities

Tonight I sat down at my dining room table- the antique oak “family heirloom” that my parents refinished in the 80s and passed down to me when I went off to college.  The table I love, and yet sometimes dream of replacing with something more modern, something white and sleek.  It was covered in a puzzle not yet half done - a photograph of a field of flowers and a windmill in Holland.  My husband and I like to do puzzles - I think we must already be old.  We like to sit and chat about big things and small, sorting out pieces and competing for who can find the most matches.  I like the way worries melt away as I stare at colors and shapes.
It was dinner time and I was eating alone, a fancy meal I put quite a bit of effort into.  Salmon on a bed of braised lentils and garlic sautéed spinach, dressed up on fancy china.  And I had an icy glass of pinot grigio - a treat.  I savored every bite while looking over the puzzle, wondering at how quickly the pieces fell into place, when yesterday I sat and looked at these same pieces, finally ending, stuck, being able to find no more.

It’s strange how my mind works - I can only process so much at once.  And when I go away and then come back, the fog lifts and suddenly the answers appear.  I believe this is true, I hope this is true.  I’m counting on it.

I like the way blogging falls into a similar pattern - something I do, for a bit, then leave for awhile, then come back to, mind refreshed, ready to play again.

p.s. Another puzzle piece may have fallen into place for me today as I stumbled across an online class called Blogging Your Way being hosted by one of my favorite bloggers, Holly Becker of Decor8.  I was all aflush reading the description of the class and signed up right away.  It felt serendipitous and a little bit kismet.

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