Blogspiration: BrocanteHome

Fabric Heart, originally uploaded by geishaboy500.

Long before I thought of starting my own blog, BrocanteHome was my first blog-crush. How I happened upon it, I don't remember, but I was instantly addicted. The sassy vintage images attracted me. The lovely ideas about domesticity enchanted me. Alison's upbeat, poetic, free-wheeling way of writing made me think I'd discovered a kindred spirit. And thanks to BrocanteHome, the word "scrumptious" has a whole new place in my vocabulary.

I never knew what to expect... one day it might be a post with unusual ideas for beautifying small domestic chores - anything from cleaning the kitchen sink, complete with vintage tea towels, pressed with lavender linen spray to making the perfect bed with layers of down pillows and other accoutrements. Another day it might be a poem that she stumbled across. Another day it might be a book that she was loving. And another day it might be a personal, heart-spilling confessional, written in her rambling style.

What keeps me coming back is more than the writing or the "scrumptious" images. I'd have to say it's really the sense that I've gotten to know Alison through her blog in some small way, and I'm always curious what she'll share next.

I've been reading BrocanteHome for about three years now and seen it go through changes, ups and downs, and surprises, but Alison's voice has remained the same. Starting my own blog, I don't want to imitate anyone's style or ideas, but I would like to emanate that same kind of genuine spirit, being true to myself and what I love.

Thanks for the "blogspiration" Alison and BrocanteHome!