January magazines arrive & I couldn't be happier

It's almost mid-December and I'm just now finishing up my lazy holiday decor with a few shiny baubles here and there.  I'm still decorating for Christmas and here I am bringing in the mail with the January issues of Lucky and Better Homes and Gardens. 

I feel a sense of relief that the holidays are over - in magazine land at least.  Maybe I've been subscribing to the same magazines for too long, but I'm tired of the same stuff every October, November and December. I'm not a scrooge, I like the holidays, but I love my magazines for decor and style, and suddenly they become devoted to holiday-related decor and style and food - everything is orange and black or harvest-y or red and green.  The pages are chock full of Halloween decorations, "creative" table centerpieces, $25 gift guides and new ways to wrap presents with scarves (good idea btw).

These magazines are full of ambitious projects for that woman with lots of time on her hands whose life revolves around celebrating various holidays each year doing something entirely new and crafty.  And if you are that woman, I do not insult you, in fact, I admire you, perhaps, even, I envy you.

It's just that these oodles of optimistic projects make me feel overwhelmed and guilty that I do not have time, and at the moment, motivation, to be that woman.  I did once dream of orchestrating such things - homemade presents wrapped in hand-stamped paper, given out at fancy parties, with letter-pressed invitations and seasonal place-settings and signature cocktails.

But now I find myself strangely satisfied with an impromptu evening, driving around looking at Christmas lights or a falling in bed with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book to read, my old blanket keeping me warm, a scented candle burning and a few Christmas ornaments strewn about in odd places.  Everything is nice and cozy and I am enjoying the moment, until... I pick up that December issue and feel like an underachiever.

So it is with joy that I welcome the January magazines, even if they are on the slim side.