Magical thinking

(a post in which I use a variation of the word beautiful at least 8 times…)

Props to all you beautiful bloggers out there! I now have a new found appreciation of the hard work and skill that goes into making a blog beautiful and tending it everyday. Before I started this little projet, it’s not just that I didn’t know, but I really didn’t even consider or wonder what all the mechanics were behind the beauteous blogs I like to roam.

The first night I started setting up my blog on Blogger, I realized how much magical thinking I’ve been having about this whole blogging process. I pictured myself blogging right away on this beautifully designed blog. It had to be beautiful. Most of my fave blogs are beautiful. It seemed unimaginable to me to use a plain old template. It had to express my unique sense of style. Somehow I thought once I started setting up my blog it would all be intuitive. Ha! Only then did I realize how much I had to learn. Photography. Photo editing. HTML. Design. Aargh.

I lay in bed that night feeling disappointed and slightly anxious, wondering if I really can do this, if I really should do this. But the next morning the fog cleared and I decided to go ahead and take the first step and start my blog - warts and all. After all, that’s what the first month is about, right, setting up my blog? So I have to give myself some time to pretty it up and get things rocking.

But it has to be pretty, even if I have to make like Scarlett O’Hara and cut green velvet curtains down to make it so.

So I’ve decided that in light of my longing for beauty, this may be the time to call in the professionals who know what they’re doing. I’d really like to learn myself, but I have to put it on the back burner and let someone else help me get started. Stay tuned for my new look!

p.s. I can’t help loving Scarlett O’Hara (even though she was quite a naughty girl) and her motto “I’ll think about it tomorrow”

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