Just breathe

I love the New Year. The shiny glittery blank slate of it all.

I've learned to avoid resolutions, but I love planning and dreaming. It's a time to checkpoint, to peer in and say how is my life going and how do I want it to go. I am addicted to these workbooks by Leonie Dawson. I start doing it in mid-December and carry on until mid-January. It helps me get fresh perspective.

So here I was on January 2. Full of New Year dreams and ideals. I was ready to journal and make vision boards and do a Ballet Body Beautiful workout. Instead I spent the day flat on my back with stomach flu. I'm still only getting over it.

It was frustrating. But also humbling.

A reminder for me to check my expectations at the door. A reminder for me that sometimes it is okay if vision boards don't get made, if workouts don't get done. If dinner doesn't get cooked and dishes don't get washed. Sometimes it's okay if the house is a wreck and I'm flat on my back.

Sometimes it's okay just to breathe.

All that stuff will be waiting for me when it's time.

Just breathe.

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  1. Doing nothing and just letting ourselves be is such a rare luxury we rarely give ourselves (and it costs nothing). I hope you're feeling better soon! Happy New Year :)