15 minutes of frivolous

So I'm back. Back at the blog that is. I'm not sure how many (2 of you?) are out there who might have noticed that I disappeared for almost a year and now I'm back.

I've had a hard time coming back because I've had a hard time explaining why I've been gone or what's happened while I've been gone without writing a novel size post that would bore you to tears. Capsule sized version: Had a baby, still getting over it. He's almost two.

And I've been feeling like I "should" declare my new intentions and direction for this blog. Hint: I don't have any.  I have no idea what I'm doing.

And I've been feeling like I "should" redecorate my template and banner and rewrite my about page before starting to post again. And that seems like a lot of work, so I never get started

But I've been reading The Artist's Way for Parents by Julia Cameron and one of the assignments is to pick something you used to enjoy but you now think is frivolous and do it for just 15 minutes a day. So I picked blogging. Hopefully these short posts are freeing me from over thinking what I write so I can just get going again without getting stuck.

So yeah, I'm back? What to expect from this blog going forward? Who knows! Kinda exciting, I think.

Here's to something new. Without over thinking it. Hurrah!


  1. I'm so glad to see you back. And was wondering after two new posts two days in a row, if you would address your absence.

    How is The Artist's Way for you? I got up to the morning pages, where you supposed to write so many pages every morning and stopped. I just cannot muster that now or for many years to come.

  2. I'm not deep into The Artist's Way yet, just starting, but I'd guess the one for parents is a little different. She actually admits being a parent is hard (ha!) and part of it is about giving yourself space and safety to tap into your own creative juices, not just focus on your kid. I like that. Or maybe I need it right now.

    I've tried morning pages from time to time and find I like them, but yeah... the commitment is a lot (aka, I don't do it regularly). But Julia Cameron admits it's just something she made up, so I don't think there's a science or religion to it. You could probably write out one page (instead of three) and still get a benefit from just taking a few minutes to let some stuff come out randomly.

  3. Didn't even see the "for Parents" part of the title. But is that really surprising? Will have to check it out.

  4. welcome back. Looking forward to seeing what direction you take.
    Have fun

  5. Glad you're back here! I'm trying to get back to my blog, as well, after taking off much of my daughter's senior year of high school (you will get there!).

  6. Thank goodness for Feedly! Long comment short: I get it. Blogs are personal and don't have to be about anything at all. Write what you like.