23 Weeks and feeling like a brood hen

So maybe this weekly preggo posting isn't working out, because I skipped a week again? Maybe it's taking the photos that's so hard. See! See what happens when it's just me and the camera? I end up with this mess!

How I'm feeling physically: 
Pregnant, baby. Pregnant. At one point I felt like my belly grew a few inches overnight although then it slowed down again. I'm still struggling with the body morphing. Chocolate milk and banana bran muffins are favorite foods lately. Heartburn continues to be a regular visitor. Discomforts show up most often in the middle of the night. I get up, stretch my legs and hips and try a new position to sleep in. I'm not uncomfortable too much yet, but the third trimester starts in four weeks and I can feel myself gradually shifting.

How I'm feeling emotionally:
I had an unexpected bout of quietness last week which is why I didn't blog. I found this web site which is an immense help in making me feel more normal! Each month, they address emotional issues you might be going through and I haven't found much that talks about the emotional sides of pregnancy in depth. This is explaining A LOT and I quote:  You may find that where you once were outgoing, you now prefer to keep to your nest, like a brood hen. Yes that's it exactly! I feel like a brood hen!

  • Umm... packing away more of my clothes I can't fit in? Not sure if that's exactly a highlight.
  • Doing more planning for the nursery and slowly but surely cleaning out the room to make space for the new!
  • More wiggles and kicks.


  1. As always you look so fabulous! And so stylish too. I always felt like frump city when I was preggo.
    Yeah no one talks about the emotional side of pregnancy, but it's there. I'm glad you found something that helped you feel normal!

  2. Yeh, the emotional side of pregnancy can often be brutal with its surprises. The best thing that I did for myself when pregnant (and after pregnancy) was to surround myself with strong, thoughtful, tell-it-like-it-is mamas that helped show me the ropes. They calmed my anxieties more than any book ever could and kept me laughing at the weirdness of it all.