Too good not to share - tumblr edition

It's Friday, hooray! In personal news, the next week will be an unusually busy one, so I'll probably be absent from online waters.

In other personal news, I finally relented and started a Tumblr.  I found myself wandering through other people's Tumblrs, enjoying them so much, wanting to comment and follow and feeling a little bit shut out of that world.  So I started my own.  It's more of a visual stream of consciousness of the little things that inspire me: http://bohemianseason.tumblr.com/

It's a different medium than blogs - less words, more pictures, and what I find interesting are the Tumblrs people make on niche topics like little shrines. Are any of you on Tumblr? Or have favorite Tumblrs?

And here are a few beautiful things for Friday I found laying around which I had forgotten to post about...

The International Society of Girls in Flats from Fabric of My Life
I love the idea of this... I've long been one who isn't comfortable in heels but feels dowdy in flats.  This gives me inspiration to embrace wearing flats with a smile!

A photo shoot inspired by the Edge of Love on Fabric of My Life - I'm still not over the styling of this movie. Strange how things linger...

Apparel and accessories collection inspired by An Education on design is mine - Preppy 1960s schoolgirl style is a nice antidote to my bohemian leanings.

Btw, great mysteries of the universe have been revealed to me, involving...

Carey Mulligan's hair.  You see, in this photo below from the film Never Let Me Go (don't get me started on the book and movie) I now know exactly what Carey Mulligan is thinking.  She is thinking what HAS become of my hair?

I know this, because I now have the same mullet... ahem... hairdo.  You see, I got a haircut two weeks ago.  I was in the mood for change. And oh what a change it is. Not quite the beaut I envisioned.  It's sort of a classic Joan Jett, but longer, plus natural wave, which equals Carey Mulligan in Never Let Me Go.

And now I know WHY, she ended up with hair like this:

Because once your hair has been mulletized, there is only one way out - a full on do-over. Anyone else ever had a mullet (by accident or on purpose)?

So, everyone looking for me at the WLT cocktail party next Friday, please look for a redheaded Carey Mulligan. And once I have time, I think I shall have to do a do-over myself.  But I'm thinking more along the lines of bob instead of pixie.

Happy Friday, friends!