So I'm guest blogging today over at Brocante Home and writing about the topic of dreams - and the difference between dreaming and deciding. 

By the way, two dreams I've been dancing around with for awhile, but still haven't decided on... Getting a dog (must be cute and adorable - in other words, tiny) and a bicycle (must be retro and adorable, in a candy color shade).   Or better yet a dog that fits in the basket of my bicycle a la Audrey. But I haven't decided yet, so it remains undone!

Come visit at Brocante Home and if you tell me your dreams, I'll tell you mine.


  1. Hi Valerie...I enjoyed you post at Brocante Home today. I'm glad you're acting on your dreams. I'm kinda stuck at the dreaming stage right now. But I'm ok with it right now. Smiles, Sally!

  2. What a inspirational post over at brocante! It made me realise that I've never sat down and listed my dreams. I just seem to stumble from one thing to the next without actually considering if it's something that I want. Tonight I shall be reflecting and listing!

  3. Dear Valerie, I loved your guest post, today for Alison! I've left a comment for you there. But I also wanted to tell you something, just fun and silly . . . I had a medium sized poodle when I was a little girl . . . they said he was a cocker-poo, a black puppy with the shiniest curls . . . I also had the latest and greatest Stingray bicycle! Baby pink, as I recall . . . with a deep white woven basket, and streamers in the handles. {I might have been a girlie-girl. :) That's what happens when you have 3 brothers.} Smokey went everywhere with me in that basket. He was the talk of the neighborhood. If I happen to meet anyone from that period, they always remember . . . kind of a happy thought. Thank you. :) Affectionately! ~Debbi

  4. Thanks for all the comments, y'all! I'm glad to know there was some inspiration there for you. Your comments always bring me smiles.

    And Debbi! Ah... I love that I touched on a cherished memory. I have a couple of cherished memories of pets from childhood and it's amazing how they stick with me with such powerful emotion.

  5. Heading over there to read your post now! I adore Audrey, and this picture is priceless. :)