Hello September

*image from The Edge of Love (picked this because it feels so fall to me...  I love the colors and clothes in this movie!)

I like September - probably because my birthday is in September, but also because it always feels like a fresh start.  It reminds me of that sensation of buying new three ring binders and folders and pencil holders and lunch boxes.  It brings memories of going back to school in my shiny new outfits that were a little too warm for the weather and still felt too new, wondering who I would meet in my new class - maybe my new best friend or a cute boy.  Maybe this would be the year that all my dreams would come true...

I still feel that sense of beginning and newness and possibility now, even though there is no logical reason for it now.  But I'll take it, with the shifting of the lights and the cooler mornings and let it refresh me.

Things I'm looking forward to in September:
  • Labor Day Weekend - I looooove Labor Day Weekend.  Bring it on.
  • Reading: Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen
  • Trying out some darker, purple-y fall feeling nail polish
  • Starting to put together query letters for my current novel - this makes my stomach flip. 
  • Toying with a new story idea that is totally wacky but it has a hold on me.
  • Maybe taking a day trip to Fredricksburg, a super-cute boutiquey little country town, with a few friends.
  • Getting "le garage" spic and span - Turns out to be a multi-weekend project, but I just keep whittling away at it.
  • Finishing my crocheted urban jungle beanie!  I hope it turns out cute.
  • The weather getting a little cooler - and taking more walks.
  • "Back to school shopping" - from my own closet! Planning my fall/winter wardrobe with stuff I already have that's been deep-sixed under my bed for six months.
  • NOT getting sucked into Fall TV.  I took a summer break from it - not that I didn't watch it at all, but not much.  And I'm taking that new philosophy with me into Fall TV.  Before I would have made note of which new tv shows looked interesting and three or four nights a week, I'd be sitting around on my butt taking it all in.  But not now.  Screw that.  It all looks like the same old, same old.  And I could use the time - time to write or time to just be.
Happy September everyone!


  1. sounds great - and good luck with the letters. hope things turn out just as you wish.

  2. Love your list! You inspired me to create my own list! Love the blog.