Happy Friday - cutest owl ring ever

Isn't this the cutest ring ever? Okay, I'm talking in the highly exaggerated language of blogland.  But it's cute.  I like it. I've been into chunky/funky rings lately.

I picked it up at Forever 21, where I have the penchant to go about every three months and pick up a few cheap items that feel trendy.  There is a new Forever 21 at the Domain in Austin that in and of itself is the size of a mall in a third-world country.  It is crazy.  I seriously can't help but wonder if it's the biggest Forever 21 in the world.

Granted, when I am in Forever 21, I feel forever 35.  I mean, my gosh.  When I was 21 were my hips that small?  Unfortunately not.  Based on my personal life experience the clothes sizes there seem to be more like Forever 12.

And that is why I always walk out with these cute little jewelry items instead.  Heirlooms they are not.  But they do provide a bit of fun or daring without major investment. I'm really digging these fancified bobby pins too.


  1. I agree, Forever 21 is better for accessories than for clothing, for those of us who are more than a few years past 21! That ring is pretty darned cute!

  2. Love your chunky owl ring! Forever21! What a score! I can easily see you working that piece into any season's wardrobe.

  3. I love forever 21... but only for the accessories! Love the Owl ring!

  4. I dig! Love your blog too...bohemian season- could there be a better name??? LOVE!