Help me decide! Paint? Color?

I've had this mirror laying around my house for a long time now.  I'd prop it up here or there, but I finally decided to hang it up in my teensy entryway.  I like it there!

But now that I'm looking at it, I'm thinking it would be SO easy to take it up a notch and paint the frame a fun color.  It's not expensive - it's actually a plastic frame.  So it's not like I would be ruining an heirloom.

So I want your opinion:

Should I paint the frame?

If yes, should I paint it:
Smoky grey,
Classic red or a more orangey, coralish tomato red, or
Stoplight yellow or a deeper Goldenrod,
Peacock blue

Tell me what you think, because knowing me, this business might be going down this weekend!


  1. My first instinct is to say the orage-ish red (or even a Hermes orange?) or the peacock blue.

  2. I actually like the antique look it has already. Is painting the wall an option?

  3. @mia I love the idea of painting the wall. Unfortunately hubby is scared of colored walls. So I'm injecting a splash where I can. I do like the antiqued look - I think I just have change-itis. Plus I've been wanted COLOR recently. I've been very white/neutral and want a bit of boldness.

  4. My gut instinct says orange- red as well. Here is a Real Simple article in the mag this month:

    I am ,however, intrigued by the peacock blue...

  5. Thanks y'all for the input... What's interesting to me is that I was leaning in a certain direction (although I didn't say) and your comments were remarkably psychic. I'll share my before and after soon!

  6. I love it the way it is...but that is just me! I think it is a great project though and it will be nice to see what you decide to do and to see it all come together.

  7. I would go with the turquoise, red, or yellow. I'll be interested to see what you've chosen!