Why try new things?

It's oh so easy to get stuck in ruts. To eat at the same restaurants. Shop at the same grocery store every Saturday. Walk the same path through the neighborhood. Ritualistically watch the same tv shows every Thursday. Cling to the same hairstyle. Eat the same flavor of Haagen Dazs.

But even the most minor changes or new things can change my perspective, spark my creativity or give me a thrill. 

That's why I want to try new things from large to small. But it has to be an intentional pursuit, because sometimes I can be chicken, afraid of the unknown, or a couch potato, too sedated in my butt-shaped rut on the couch.

So I've started a list of new things to try and posted it in the left sidebar of my blog. I'll keep adding to the list when I think of something new to try. And I hope once a week I'll write about the newness.

Anything new you want to try?