Too good not to share - lemon poppy seed

What's happening in my life these days?  Soul-searching.  Revising (hurts so good).  And Granny Squares.

Olfactorialist - I found this blog - a sophisticated ode to perfumery - via Dreamer's Den and it immediately struck me as terrific and unconventional inspiration for writers.  How do you describe indescribable things (like smells) in words?  Sometimes describing the indescribably baffles me until I see it done.  And this blog is such exotic inspiration.

A pedicure in Essie Trophy Wife (the name cracks me up, the peacock color is fabulous).

Do the Work - So you may or may not have heard about this free Kindle e-Book from Steven Pressfield.  But it's a great one if you create anything!  His previous book The War of Art (recommended by Michelle Ward) has become a favorite of mine, shaping my philosophy of writing everyday no matter how I feel and acting like a pro even if I don't feel like one yet.  Even if you aren't a writer, there is so much in here.  I even found it illuminating on topics like self-improvement or building new habits.

Move through the creative gap - on a related note, this post on Tribal Writer so amazingly describe the process (and painful work) of growing as a writer.

Still on my Masterpiece Theater kick.  South Riding is shaping up much more nicely than Upstairs, Downstairs so far.  But at the end this past week I thought - is this a 1930s version of Jane Eyre!?! Curious to see where this leads.

Oh and on a last yummy note.  These lemon poppy seed scones are delicious.  Even without the poppy seeds.  And okay, I did add an extra 1/3 cup of sugar to the dough.

Happy Friday!

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