Ballet Shoes - Movie for a Bohemian Season

I did not have high hopes for Ballet Shoes.  It sounded interesting, but the movie poster made it look like some tween sort of low-budget product and I was hardly prepared to fall in love with it. But fall I did, and felt sad to say goodbye when it was over.

You know, sadly, I'd never even heard of Noel Streatfeild before seeing this film and I now I think I have to check out her books.

What makes it bohemian

Set in 1930s London, our characters include:
One lost British paleontologist bachelor

One orphan and three babies in carpet bags
A gray haired nanny

Four eccentric boarders
And a Russian dance teacher

In a tale of...

Aspiring actresses, ballerinas and aviators
Impoverished and making-do in a gloomy and cozy old mansion

Listening at doors

Running away from home
Making vows
And one very romantic dance

And the colors: deliciously soft and greyed out shades of peach, peacock blue, wine, chocolate, dove grey, ivory and periwinkle!

*images via ginnybranch


  1. Oh, my daughter and I will definitely need to see this (we're both former ballerinas, sort of). I read the book to her when she was maybe six or seven, and we own another adaptation of the movie. This new one looks particularly special, and especially bohemian!

  2. it as on in england over christmas. perfect!

  3. Oh how lovely! I LOVE Noel Streatfield, introduced as I was by You've Got Mail. When was that . . . maybe ten years ago? I went straight to Amazon and ordered, certain to love it! I had no idea that a movie had been made. Thank you! Really! Thank you! Movie night is on!

  4. I Had Tried To Watch This Movie ( just for emma watson ^^ )But Somehow I Got Bored On The Start. Maybe, I Wasn't In A Good Mood...

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  6. @Hausfrau, @Debbi - tell me what you think after you see it!